Tuesday is Blog Day

Do you ever have a hard time finishing up projects? It is so exciting to work on the next new thing, but it is too easy to quickly have a pile of half done projects that are left cluttering the house and mind. I have a whole list of things that run through my head daily that I should be working on: organizing the craft closet, finishing the paintings that were started months ago, letters M-Z for Eden’s ABC book, blogging, hanging/decorating a shelf in the guest bedroom, and the list goes on and on. I have decided that if I really want to get these things going, then it is time to get organized. I work best with a plan and with someone to hold me accountable.  So my plan is to make a list of all the little things floating in my head that I want to do and all my works in progress. Then I am to finish two projects before I can start something new.


Some of these projects are on going, like blogging and exercising, but I want to figure out how these things can be part of my weekly routine. So first to get marked off my list is blogging. Tuesday is going to be blog day. It is one of Eden’s preschool days which means I have a little more mental freedom and am able to find a bit of quiet time while Eli is sleeping to sit down and type out what I have been working on in my head all week. It is too easy for me to get distracted with facebook, email, and web browsing that I have decide to set a timer (something I do for Eden to help her focus) for 30 minutes. That 30 minutes is to be spent blogging and if I am done before the time I will spend the rest of that time learning more about blogging. (Today I had an extra 10 minutes and learned that the single most important part of a blog is a great picture. But learning to take great pictures will have to be added to the new project list and worked on a little later. So for now I will try to go with cool pictures.)


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