Princess For the Day

This weekend we surprised Eden; she got to became a princess for the day. From head to toe and from morning till nap the day was all about her. I feel at this point it might be important to share that we have purposefully raised our daughter not to have a “princess mentality.”  It is our desire that she grows up knowing that she is not entitled to everything she wants and live life as if in a fairy-tale: focusing only on the pretty things, putting herself as the center of the universe, and obsessing about her looks (even if she’s only headed to the playground). While princesses are fun and whimsical, we think they can also set the tone for how she develops into a young woman, influencing herself esteem, her dependence on others, and how empowered she feels in her life. We all have seen the movies and I honestly don’t want that for my daughter.IMG_1574

It is our desire for her to grow up knowing she is loved, beautiful, and means the world to us. And because she means so much to us we choose to make certain days all about her instead of it being an everyday event.

Eden’s morning started with all her princess dresses laid out for the choosing. The decision was hard and she really weighed the choice. She wanted to wear the purple and pink dressed but also wanted to match her prince charming who was wearing a blue and red tie which would have matched the Snow White dress, her favorite princess. Problem solving came into play as she asked prince charming to change his tie.

IMG_1469        IMG_1468

Time to get ready with the royal treatment. First a bubble bath with a whole bottle of bubbles (we normally limit it to two cap fulls). Under all the bubbles was hidden the crown jewels. She put on each piece as she found them. This was so much fun that we had to do it several times.

IMG_1525   IMG_1472   IMG_1490   IMG_1519

Next was a little make up, nail polish, and hair do.


Then off to the ball or in this case the movies. Joseph and Eden headed over to Missouri S&T for their showing of Cinderella at the Leach Theater. They had all kinds of activities, besides the movie, planned for all the little princess including a snack if you came dressed as a princess, face painting, lunch and a magic wand craft. It was a full morning with lots of fun and smiles.


IMG_1550     IMG_1556 


2 thoughts on “Princess For the Day

  1. What a fun day and what a special family. Eden is a beautiful little girl and she has a very loving family! I hope others reading this will do the same for their little girls….and boys too!

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