Joe Tech Help


Front of Business Card

Over the past week I have started teaching myself how to use Adobe InDesign. I have used Window’s Publisher and Apple’s Pages for years but recently have needed more control. Oh, the possibility that have been opened. I feel like a kid exploring a new park; each new feature and command I discover brings excitement (and I have only worked through a few tutorials). My plan is to also learn to use Photoshop and Illustrator but one thing at a time.

A few weeks ago my husband started a small business, Joe Tech Help LLC, that he plans to work on during his off hours. Joseph has always enjoy tinkering with computers and audio equipment and it would be no leap to call him a computer geek. He has years of experience building websites, setting up networks, and teaching folks how to use their technology.

As with any new business there is a need for business cards, website graphics and other publications. I expected to be part of this process but I was surprised that Joseph’s first clients were also looking for some design work and I quickly became part of the Joe Tech Help team. I am currently busy creating for this client as well as I suspect more business to come.

Fun Graphic Maybe to Use on Website

Fun Graphic Maybe to Use on Website

I really like his tag line, “For high tech help or low tech help… call Joe Tech Help”. Seriously, if you have  any technology needs Joe would be happy to help. Check out his website at


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