Winter Nature Walk

They are predicting another snow blast in our area today so we took advantage of the “nicer” weather (35 degrees) yesterday and went for a nature walk around town. Before we left I created a simple picture scavenger hunt for Eden to work through as we walked. Here is a copy if you want to take your young ones on a Winter Nature Walk – Scavenger Hunt


We were on the hunt for:
A Tree with No Leaves
Green Moss
A Smooth Stone
Bumpy Bark
A Pine Cone
Something with Hole
A Feather
An Animal Print
Something Red

She had a blast looking for each of the items listed but her favorite part was getting to take pictures with an “adult camera” as she called it.We were able to find all the items on the list except for a feather. All the scavenger hunt pictures  were taken by Eden (except the pine cone). I think she might have her mom’s creativeness in her. 

IMG_2453     IMG_2469     IMG_2462
IMG_2454     IMG_2475     IMG_2473
IMG_1915     IMG_1930     IMG_2459

IMG_1901As we looked for something red Eden discovered that most everything was brown, gray, and white at this time of year. While not planned, this is going to be a great introduction into next weeks lesson on arctic animals (you will have to see what I mean next week). The more we looked the more she got excited about any brighter color item we found. We noted that the only colors we found were green, red, orange, and yellow.

IMG_1949As we looked closely at the ground for feathers and dog tracks we both learned that there was a lot of trash everywhere. Eden thinks we should do another nature walk soon where we clean up the trash. I think I see a lot more nature walks coming in our future.


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