Growing A Children’s Ministry

One of my many side “jobs” is overseeing the children’s ministries of our church. This combines two of my gifts: working with children and organizing/planning. I have a passion for children, youth, and their parents. I want to incite wonder, provoke discovery, and fuel passion in the heart of my children and other children. I don’t want our kids to stop at knowing the story of Jesus but rather for them to become part of that story.

We are currently working through the Jesus Storybook Bible.  If you  have a 2-8 year old, I strongly recommend this Bible. The stories come alive on each page in beautiful illustrations and the Scripture is retold in an understandable way. Each of the 44 stories whisper Jesus’ name and help connect Him to the reader. IMG_2233

Once a month I spend a day planning and creating the activities for 4 weeks worth of lessons. I then spend another day at the church prepping these activities. I find it so much easier come Sunday morning if all the work is already done and all you have to do is set out the supplies. I also like making an example for two reasons; one for the kids to see and second I figure out ahead of time what problems the kids might run into.


We work with a large age and ability range so I try to come up with activities that will work for everyone. Here you can see “Our Treasures of Heaven” and “Zacchaeus in a Tree” activities. I think the kids are really going to enjoy using their finger to paint the leaves on the tree.

I normally like prepping for children’s church with Eden as it is an extra chance to talk through the Bible lessons but this week it worked best for me to work while she was at preschool. I did have my other little “helper”. He is getting around very well now and was WONDERFUL at finding all scrap paper that fell to the floor. Thankfully he doesn’t put everything in his month yet but rather likes to move the items around between in his fingers.


My favorite craft that I worked on today is going to be done this Sunday during children’s church and sadly I won’t be there to see them do it (another reason to have all the work done ahead of time). The kids will be learning about Jesus’ sermon on the mount and the beatitudes. They are going to create a BEE-atitude. Help your kids make a bee with the instructions below.


IMG_2242Supplies Needed:
Toilet Paper Tube
Yellow Construction Paper
Black Pipe Cleaners
Black Crayon
Beatitudes Typed out on 2 Ovals
Double Sided Tape or Scrapbook Tape (this has the paper on one side)


What to Do:
I started by covering toilet paper tubes with with predrawn lined yellow construction paper. I taped the paper down being careful only to put tape in the large sections that won’t be colored over. Any extra paper was bent inside the tube. 

Next cut pipe cleaner in half.


Lastly prep the bee wings by putting scrapbook tape on the back of the wings so kids can easily remove tape paper and attach wings.


I like to have all the supplies laid out for each kid before they start working. The kids can do whichever part they want first. They need to color thin lines on the tube black. Cut out wings and attach to body. Bend and attach pipe cleaner to inside of tube. If you are working with a group of kids, I recommend writing their names on the underside as they are going to be lots of bees flight around. 




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