Winter Weather Lesson

IMG_2633I know everyone is ready for spring but we took advantage of this last (hopefully!) cold winter blast and started learning all about weather. We obviously started with winter weather and covered the letters S for snow and W for weather.

I decorated our unit corner in all things weather. I used wrapping paper and painted all different kinds of weather and a symbol next to each. Eden already knew how to make paper snowflakes but we still had fun making them together. The rain clouds came out really cute and have proven to be a great toy for the cats who like to bat at the rain drops and distract Eden from her work (like any good cat).

IMG_2634        IMG_2641        IMG_2640

We started each morning’s studies by talking about, reporting, and recording the weather. I made this really cool weather station from Mr. Printables. You can get it here for free! My favorite part is the Wetter or Better arrow area and the Temperature slider; they are fun and easy to use.



Over the past two weeks we had a couple different snow themed meals. Eden’s favorite had to be shaped pancakes that we used powdered sugar to snow on. She has asked several times afterwards if we can make these again. I think she would like anything that she could use the sifter on. My favorite was snowball pizza rolls that were filled with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. Served with snowmen noses and eyes and a dipping sauce.

Any good snow lesson wouldn’t be complete without sometime in the snow.

IMG_2001       IMG_2017       IMG_0782

IMG_0824       IMG_1995       IMG_1998

IMG_2001   IMG_2017

For a special surprise we tried out something I had seen on pinterest a few times.

IMG_2557IMG_2422IMG_2454-2The night before I filled regular size balloons with water and food coloring. I experimented with different amounts of food coloring in the balloons. I found that it really didn’t take too much; for darker colors 3-5 drops and for lighter colors I used around 10.


A little warning – make sure you use new balloons. I found that a few of the balloons I used were older and easily got holes when I stretched them over the faucet resulting in green water spraying everywhere. After the balloons were filled I placed them outside to freeze over night. I was warned that it was important that the temperature needed to be close to single digits for the balloons to freeze.


The next morning I used scissors to cut the balloons off the frozen marbles. It is a good idea at this point to use dark colored gloves as not to stain anything. All but one of the balloons froze and I set these out in a line for Eden to find. They looked pretty cool and she was very excited.

We found all kinds of ways to play with these ice marbles. First we rolled them around in the fresh snow making tracks. We took turns rolling and kicking them.

IMG_2560        IMG_2561

Next daddy played a couple games of marbles and bowling. I am not sure who was having more fun; Eden or daddy? Eden got creative and set the bowling pins up at the bottom of her slide and rolled the balls down trying to hit the pins. 

IMG_2580          IMG_2587


Happy winter everyone; hold on – only a few more days till spring?IMG_0854


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