Grandma Loftis’ Quilt

Anne and baby Amber w GG LoftisI have many wonderful memories of spending time with my dear Grandma Loftis. She taught me to sew, cook, and care for baby animals. Many years back, she started piecing together a quilt for me. I remember going with her to pick out the pattern and fabric. I wanted white with different colors of blue. I don’t really remember stating that I wanted each square to be a DIFFERENT blue, but that is at least what Grandma took me to want.


Grandma worked so hard collecting all shades of blue. I am afraid it may have stressed her out and drove my extended family crazy, but in the end it resulted in a quilt full of memories.  As I look at each of the different blues, I can pick ones that were made from the sheets on the guest bed, a couple of Grandpa’s shirts, extra fabric from other’s quilts, and the bits and pieces that were gathered from everyone else.


I believe this is the last quilt my Grandma worked on and is by no means perfect; but it is full of love. On one of my last trips up to visit before she got sick, I helped piece parts of the quilt together. I do remember not really enjoying the work, but I gained a fond appreciation for the work my Grandma was doing for me. Sadly she passed away before she was able to finish. Oh how I wish I had a picture of me and her working on the quilt.


After years of being folded away in my hope chest and moved from house to house, my quilt has finally been finished. While I would have loved for it to have been finished by my Grandma, I think the next best thing happened: the quilting group at our church hand stitched it together just like my Grandma would have. This group of wonderful ladies gathers weekly to hand quilt and socialize (or offer therapy as some of them call it).

IMG_2337-2   IMG_2345-2   IMG_2340-2   IMG_2347-2

I joined them shortly after we moved here to Cuba. Eden would color or play and every now and then help me pull a few stitches through. In the year and a half I quilted, I think I have worked on three different quilts.


Eden got her first sewing lesson on my Grandma’s quilt. She even did the stitches around the Mickey square.


Don’t tell her, but I think I might give this quilt to her as a wedding gift someday.

IMG_2667For now the quilt is to be used and respected by the whole family, which will add even more memories to this already treasured quilted piece of art.

IMG_2768Quilting has gotten much more difficult with the addition of Eli. He was the group mascot for a good eight months playing under the quilt and being passed around, but I think our quilting time has come to a close for now.

IMG_2702   IMG_2813


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