Happy Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day here a few shots of Eli’s first “earth” experience.


I started him out on the blanket not knowing what he would think. I know there are kids that won’t crawl off into the grass. IMG_3480

Not our little guy. He went straight for it. IMG_3492

He was pretty focused on getting to the garden boxes where his sister was but then…IMG_3482

he found a leaf…IMG_3484

and had to stop and examine it.

Then he got distracted by a big stick. He was very happy playing with this and another close by stick for a good ten minutes. IMG_3520

He was very proud of himself by the time he finally crawled into the garden boxes.IMG_3516

It didn’t take long before he realized this stuff was different from the grass he was just in.IMG_3529

He liked crumbing it between his fingers.IMG_3532

For a quick minute I turned to take a sweet picture of my Eden only to turn back aroundIMG_3531

to find Eli eating his first hand full of dirt.
IMG_3544Happy Earth Day! Hope you enjoyed some dirt yourself.


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