Enjoying the Little Moments More

I pride myself on being a good momma. I feel very fortunate that I am able to stay home and focus my attention on the raising and caring for my little ones.  It is wonderful and joyous but at the same time it can be boring, lonely, unending, and draining. Between waking as many a four times a night to care for the baby, homeschool lessons, cloth diapering, the normal household chores, a side graphic design business, a growing children’s ministry at church, and all the other things that happen in a day, it is easy for my days to seem completely full.

Eden with Mommy shopping

I like shopping with mommy.

A friend of mine posted a link on Facebook from another blogger titled, “Dear Mom on the iPhone,” that encouraged and challenged readers to put down their electronics and really pay attention to the ones around them; to enjoy their little ones while they are still little. While I don’t feel consumed by my phone (actually I am sitting here wondering where it might be in the house), I do think I could do a better job at enjoying the beauty and wonder that comes from time with my littles.

Eden and Mommy go to Kenya

I like traveling with mommy to Kenya.

Those mundane days when I am tired and craving an adult conversation, it is harder to cherish the small moments. It is easy to focus on just getting through the day: change the diaper, read a book, and walk the dog. It is going to take discipline, but these things can be different. Change the diaper can be raspberries on the tummy and giggles by all. Reading a book can be drawn out to look at each picture together while cuddling. Walking the dog can be an extra minute together outside looking at a leaf or caterpillar.

Going on a walk with mommy

I like going on a walk with mommy.

I don’t think every minute of everyday should be about my kids, but I do think that they deserve to have all of me at sometimes.

Reading Together

I like my mommy reading to me.

Over the past couple days I have asked Eden to draw a few of her favorite things that we do together. I know what I enjoy doing with her but wanted to make sure that as we are doing her favorite things that I really pay attention and be completely present with her. The drawings in this post are her drawings that I have digitized.


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