Book, Bath, & Table

Over a year ago, I started work on a set of three large painting for my husband’s office. I was working of the terminology that he likes to use when describing all the work we do as a church at the Book (the Bible), the Bath (baptism), and the Table (Holy Communion).

I finished the first two paintings during my last month of being pregnant with Eli. But the third painting has been sitting waiting for more free time. A few months back I set a few goals for myself, one being to finish this set of painting and get them up in Joseph’s office. I am happy to say I am done.
painting 3-2    IMG_4050-2    IMG_4052    IMG_4053    IMG_4770

I am often asked how long it takes me to do something like this. So for this last painting I took a picture every four hours. In total this painting took almost 20 hours which is about twice as long as the other two but the wording took a long time to write and then paint.

The Book

IMG_4715    IMG_4770

The Bath

IMG_4737    IMG_4774

The Table

IMG_4721    IMG_4776



2 thoughts on “Book, Bath, & Table

    • Anne, you are amazing and these beautiful works of art are simply magnificent! You really captured the very essence of the ministry of Joseph. Bravo Anne ~ well done!

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