Relay For Life

This past week the kids and I participated in our county’s Relay for Life. We were part of our church’s team that was lead by Helen and Robin Stahlhut. This year’s theme for the event was board games with each team picking a different game. Our team was dominos. I was asked to decorate a cake for the cake action.

IMG_1852   IMG_1854   IMG_1857

To make my life a little easier (Joseph was away at Annual Conference before, during, and a few days after the Relay) I started with the base of the cake from Mace, our local grocery store. I then used fondant to make life size dominos to spell out the word Relay.

IMG_1859Unfortunately, after I got all the dominos made and started placing them on the cake, I realized that my measurements didn’t take into account the large icing border around the cake. My dominos were too big. So I had to start over with a second batch of dominos.

Eli enjoyed “helping” rearrange my dominos and even got ahold a fondant one while I was not looking.

I think the cake turned out nice. The pink and purple are traditional relay for life colors.


There were not many cakes in the action this year (sadly it was poor turn out for the whole event).  The cakes are judged by votes given at the Survivors dinner. Each survivor is given one voting ticket, and they put their vote into the cup next to each cake. The cup with the most votes wins.


We got a lot of votes but the winner was the candy cake representing Candy Land.

IMG_1882   IMG_1883   IMG_1880

We had a very nice evening. Our camp site was decorated with dominos. Eli loved being outside for hours. Eden had fun helping kids play the bean bag toss game and making new friends.

IMG_1885   IMG_1892   IMG_1887

We walked through the night. Stoping for breaks at our tent site where we could play dominos or sit around and talk with the others from our group. Eden had a pair of glow in the dark ears that made it easy to find her. Eli did great and took a 2 hour nap in his stroller.

Our small team raised enough money to make it to the Bronze level.

IMG_1878   IMG_1884

We honored two of our family member with luminaries. Eden loved finding their bags each time we walked a lap. The Relay was a nice time to talk with Eden about cancer. While the concept might have been difficult for her to understand, we at least started the understanding that people sometimes get sick, sometimes lose their hair, and sometimes die from it. But that their are also people that get better and that we do this walk to raise money to help find ways to make more of those that have cancer better. I loved that as we walked she was able to ask questions; I love that she wants to know more and will ask questions. She wanted to know if she would ever get cancer, is she could get sick from hugging someone with cancer, and why some people get cancer and others don’t – did they do something wrong. Pretty good questions and lots of good discussion.

Sometime in dark hours of the night, a Zumba class was offered to get people pumped back up. Eden joined right in following along sometimes and making up her own moves at other times. I think we might enroll her in dance classes next year!IMG_1902

The event last from 6pm to 2am. We made it to around 1pm. A late night for two little ones, but I am so proud of how well they behaved. Once we got home I think both of them were out in a matter of minutes.


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