Negative Space Paintings

IMG_1860Last year our church started offering small groups as a way to go deeper in our faith together as a church. This summer both Joseph and I are leading two fun small groups. My group is all about arts and crafts. We meet weekly and try our hands at different mediums of art or a craft we saw on Pinterest.

At our first group, we worked on creating an eight piece scripture painting that we hung up in the new youth area. This was a fun easy project that even my five year old enjoyed.

IMG_5229We started by covering canvas with gesso and pages from a Bible that was falling apart.


We then glued down bulletin board letters with Elmer’s glue. We used the scripture from 1 Timothy 4:12. “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example to the believers through your speech, behavior, love, faith, and purity.”

Using glue doesn’t create a very good seal and the paint does get under the letters. If you have sticker letters, this might be a better idea.

Besides letters you could also use painters tape to make a design or carefully cut out a design and then glue that down.


IMG_2047Next we quickly painted over the bulletin letters (quickly so the glue wouldn’t dry). We used different colors to make it more fun.

And then while the paint (and hopefully the glue) is still wet, peel back the letters. We found that a toothpick worked to help pull the edges up without smudging the paint around too much.


Once dry we hung up our finished pieces. They are bright, colorful, and fun. Thanks small group for helping making the youth room more fun.



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