Happy Birthday Eli – Cookie and Milk Party

IMG_5320This past weekend we celebrated Eli’s first birthday with a gathering of family and friends in our backyard. We had so much fun with a milk and cookies theme. Thanks to Aunt Laura for capturing the fun to keep and share.

IMG_5302     IMG_5301

The day was made extra special by all of Eli’s family making a different kind of cookie for the cookie buffet. We skipped the traditional cake and enjoyed 12 different kinds of cookies, chocolate and white milk and cookies and cream ice-cream.

IMG_5465     IMG_5483     IMG_5453

I don’t think Eli understood unwrapping packages, but he got the concept of new toys and wanted to play with each thing that came out of the bag or box.

IMG_5304   IMG_5306   IMG_5305

Eli lost interest in opening gifts after the first few so we took a short break to play a few games. We played how well do you know Eli with questions like: “What is Eli’s favorite food?” and “What does Eli like to play with?”. Guest also made predictions as to what Eli would be like when he grew up. These are now in his baby box to keep and look at when he gets older. We also had jars of candies that guests could guess the amount and the closest without going over won the jar.


My favorite part of the evening was the cake smash. Eli has had cake a few times before but without icing. I was expecting him to dig right in and love making a mess (he has painted many times and loved smearing things around).

IMG_5507Eli put his finger in the cake but mostly just start looking at everyone as if not really sure what to do. I gave him a taste hoping that would get things started.


But he still didn’t seem to interested, so I put his whole hand in the cake.

IMG_5511And he just sat there. For a long time; as if his hand was glued down.

IMG_5515He finally took a little taste. But that was it for a long while again. Maybe he ate too many cookies like the rest of us.

IMG_5529But he was cute either way.

IMG_5534I gave it one last try digging in and getting just cake; thinking that maybe he didn’t understand that this was something he was suppose to eat.

IMG_5536   IMG_5549    IMG_5561

That did the trick. There was no stopping him now.

IMG_5564Mmm. Icing mustache instead of a milk mustache. Anyone want a kiss?

IMG_5596He ate a lot more than I expected and surprisingly he didn’t get sick later that night.


Happy Birthday Eli.









2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Eli – Cookie and Milk Party

  1. Very very cute little guy and a very nice first birthday party. Blessings to Eli for a great year ahead.

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