G is for Goat

G is for Goat FeatureWe continue through our phonics sounds with the letter Gg. Our theme for the week was Goats.

3goatsWe read several versions of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff and had a blast acting out the story. I found a cool free printable stage (and directions to make it using a tissue box), puppets, and a silly script. Eden loved playing the part of the troll. This was great practice for her retelling the story.

goat game

To practice our sight words this week I made up a small 3 Billy Goats Bridge game. Eden colored the dry field, river, and green pasture while I created a 3-D bridge with card stock and popsicle sticks for the slates. Each popsicle had one of the sight words we have been working on written on it. Those, ones with the word goat, and a picture of a troll went into the bag. She would pull a stick out of the bag; and if she could read the word, she could stick it on to the bridge. If she couldn’t read it, then I will tell her what it was and it would go back in the bag. Goat sticks were free spaces, and if she pulled the troll, she had to start all over by putting all the sticks back in the bag.  This has been a big hit, and will be one that we will keep pulling out to play and practice. We even reused the goat and troll puppets from the activity before.

IMG_2135While in Saint Louis, we made a quick stop at the Saint Louis Zoo to visit the children’s petting zoo. Again she prepared her questions ahead of time. Once we got there and she saw the goats climbing on the rock ledges, she came up with a few more.

I think I am going to try and incorporate time into each field trip for questions. I think it will be a nice way for Eden to learn from other adults and also to practice speaking clearly and planning what she wants to say.

IMG_2129   IMG_2139

One cool part of homeschooling is the number of people that get to be part of our children’s education. I have a few ladies at church and lots of family and friends that are so sweet to come up with field trip ideas, activities, and lesson extensions.

IMG_5689Thanks you to Helen and Robin for organizing our Friday Field Trip to a neighbor’s farm to see their goats and other animals (I will stick to goat pictures for this post).

IMG_5710Both the kids loved the baby goat. He was playful but sweet to the kids. Eden loved that baby goats were called kids and would laugh when I would say, “Hey kids lets go” as she joked that I wanted the kid goat to come home too.

IMG_5692   IMG_5733

Eden loved letting him suckle on her finger and petting him. On the way home she asked if we could have goats someday.

IMG_5724   IMG_5720

Eli enjoyed standing at the gate and calling the goats toward him. The baby loved licking on Eli and “cleaning” his ears. He must have thought it was okay as he didn’t cry or try to get away.

IMG_5267 IMG_5264

After learning about dairy goats, we made a special trip to Trader Joe’s where they have a large selection of goat cheese. With some help, we selected a honey goat cheese and a French baguette for an afternoon snack and tasting event. Unfortunately none of us cared for it. We will have to try a different kind again soon.


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