First Day of Kindergarten Homeschool

We too have started school. And what first day of school would be complete without those first day of school photos?

IMG_6011My little girl is growing up so quickly. Kindergarten already?

IMG_6015 IMG_6041 IMG_6020

As I have shared before, we will be schooling at home. It might be a little outside of the norm, but I think it is what is best for us.


While we will be coving all the basics that should be covered in Kindergarten, I am putting a heavy focus on reading. I think good reading skills is going to make everything else more enjoyable and put us off to a great start. Eden also wants to read and is excited about each new word she figures out.

IMG_6065  IMG_6064

We also captured a few pictures with the school principle and homeroom teacher.

IMG_6048-2I wanted to start a few fun first day of school traditions. So I did a bit of searching online and found a few cool ideas.

IMG_3026 IMG_5961 IMG_5967  IMG_5971

Eden found this surprise right away. I covered the doorway into the dining room with streamers. She really wanted to see if she could craw under and through the holes (I will have to remember this and do it as an activity on a rainy day), but I explained that this was the passageway into kindergarten; that once she broke through she would be an official kindergartener. She thought this was pretty cool too and didn’t really want to wait for too many pictures to be snapped. Eli was very disappointed that he didn’t get to run through the streams and kept bringing me pieces and pointing to the wall as to say my turn mommy.


I let Eden pick a special breakfast for the first day of school and she wanted to make a trip to the store for donuts and chocolate milk. She was excited to find they had a donut shaped like a school bus. About half way through the donut she decided it was too much sugar and opted for a banana.

Lastly I planned a field trip for our focus for the first day. We did our normal morning routing of calendar time, sight word practice, and centers, but then spent the rest of the day at Maramec Springs.


We enjoyed a picnic lunch. Eden knows that many kids pack their lunch for school, so she though packing all of our lunches was a great idea for our first day too.


While playing on the playground we meet another homeschool family with kids close to Eden’s age. I love watching the older siblings care for and play with their younger siblings.


Daddy enjoyed a little afternoon nap with the kids.

In the afternoon we took a long nature hike while we looked for items on a woodland scavenger hunt. We were able to find 6 different kinds of insects, 3 colors of flowers, a spiky plant, and many other things.

IMG_3050We walked the length river to the bridge; the whole time Eden wished to be playing in the water or “at least touching it” as she put it. As a reward for finding everything on our list I let her hop across the rocks in a calm section of the river.


She was so proud of her last jump that she wanted me to also come out so I could get her picture with the bridge behind her (a little artist in the making as she plans out photo ops). The whole time she instructed me on how not to get my shoes wet and which rocks were a little slick; I guess she was listening when I explained the same things to her as she ventured out.


Eli was sitting in his stroller through rock hopping adventure; which he didn’t mind too much but once I let Eden take her shoes off, Eli was sure he needed to have his shoes off too.


He wasn’t as excited as Eden about the water, but I will admit the water did feel nice after our long walk. (Photo by Eden)

IMG_3060A trip to the springs wouldn’t be complete without a little fishing time (this is what Joseph was doing while we were on our hike).

IMG_3064Joseph and Eden ended up getting two fish; a little unconventionally but you will have to ask Joseph about that.

On our way Eden shared that this was the best first day of school ever. (I hope so, since it was her first, first day.)




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