Children’s and Youth Area Makeover

All my free time over the past two weeks has been used in finishing up the makeover for our children’s and youth area at church. This past Sunday everything had to be finished as we kicked off our fall programs with an open house. The whole church was invited down to see all the changes that have taken place and to learn a little about what happens when the kids are “downstairs”.

Our church has a wonderful children’s ministry that has been going on way before we came to Cuba United Methodist Church. I am so thankful to be part of a church that cares about their children and youth; it makes my job so much easier.

This makeover came at the result of significant growth to our children’s church attendance. We have grown from averaging 8 kids, to some Sundays having over 20 kids.

Room #1 Children’s Church Sanctuary


During worship we offer children’s church. After Joseph has children’s time upstairs, all the kids come down stairs to this room where we sing, have a Bible lesson, collect offering, and pray together.

IMG_3248   IMG_3247   IMG_3246

The kids made these banners a couple months ago and used them to process into the church when they lead worship. Each one symbolizes one of the stories we learned last year.

IMG_3253   IMG_3250

The kids sit in pews just like their adults upstairs. It helps us remember that we are worshiping too.


We even have our own stained glass windows.

Room #2: Aka: The old kitchen, the old youth room, and the playroom.

This room is now called First Looks or The Owl’s Room and is for our preschool through 1st grade kids. Our goal for this age group is to “Provoke Wonder”.


After the kids finish up in the children’s sanctuary they continue their lesson with hands on activities in their classrooms.

This past week we learned about God’s promise to Abraham and Sarah. The kids got to take turns exploring in the dark the night sky (water beads and glow in the dark stars). We sat and pretended to look for stars in the sky and even found a surprise in the “sky” for us.


I am so excited about all the fun things we are going to get to do in this younger kids class as we “Incite Wonder” in hearts of these kids. Next week we will be having our lesson in a tent.

Room #3 The Workshop; where we cover the nuts and bolts of our faith.

This room is used for Sunday School and our school aged kids small group. Our goal for this age group is to “Provoke Discovery”.

IMG_3255  IMG_3256

Room #4 Youth

Our youth program is just getting up and going but we tried to give them a fun new space too. Our goal for this age group is to “Fuel Passion”.


We turned one wall into a chalkboard wall with the hopes to change up the design and feel of the room often.


IMG_3156   IMG_3240

Before and After


IMG_3155   IMG_3215

Before and After – Fresh coating of paint and new Mission Wall


The mission wall is my favorite new addition to this area.


At least once a year our children and youth participate in a mission project. Each frame explains one of the projects they completed and what country it was done in. It is so cool to watch the kids match the project with the country and share with newer children what their projects were all about.



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