Eli’s First Hair Cut

Eli had his first hair cut today. He was born with a good deal of dark hair but over the past year it has lightened a lot. He has his daddy’s hair with loose curls. Today he went to the barber for his first hair cut.


Before Pictures – If it wasn’t for the hair getting in his eyes I would have probably waited longer for his first cut.

IMG_6213We thought that Eli might have to sit on Joseph’s lap but the barber had a nice little booster thing (not really a seat but rather a shelf like thing that fixed to the normal chair) that he was very happy to sit on.

IMG_6215He was a little curious about the sound the razor was making and turned at first to see what was going on.

IMG_6219But after about ten seconds he got the hang of things and sat so nicely while his sweet curls feel to the floor.

IMG_6227When the barber moved to the other side, I was a little shocked by how short his hair was and had to hold my breath a little; reminding myself it is only hair and that it will grow back.

IMG_6237He sat so nice the whole time.

IMG_6248We told him that he was looking nice and he got excited and started ooh and awwing during the finishing touches.

IMG_6249My baby is no more. He is now a toddler with a big boy hair cut.

IMG_6258Eli even wanted to style it himself.


The only thing he didn’t like was being brushed off a the end.

IMG_6291After – He looks a lot like one of Joseph’s toddler photos here.

IMG_6292It is going to take me a bit to get us to the shorter hair but I think Eli is pretty happy with his new look.














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