Meet Rainbow, Sunflower, and Big Red Bison

In my last post I shared about our buffalo hunt around my parents town of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. We traveled all over town finding all the fun bison, or buffalo as is most commonly called.Others2

dc8bMbgceAt lunch my fortune cookie said I was going to come up with something creative to do that day. So while I don’t believe in fortune cookies telling the future, it did make me start thinking about what I was going to do that day that was creative.

I decided it would be fun to make our own murals on a smaller version. A quick trip to Hobby Lobby resulted in small plastic bison. Eden had promised Grandma early in our trip that she would make a picture for her to take to her office; so Eden thought while this project wasn’t a picture that it would still be pretty neat in Grandma’s office. And she was quick to think of Papa and wanted to make him one as well. So we ended up getting 3 bison as she also needed to make one for herself.


During the kid’s nap I painted the bison white with craft paint.

IMG_6913Next designs were picked for each of the small murals. Eden wanted a rainbow. I drew the design for her in pencil and she used a small brush to paint in each section.

IMG_6918It took lots of patients and control for her to stay in the lines. While she painted I drew out designs for the other two.

IMG_6921We went back and forth painting on each of the bison as each color of painted was drying.


Her finished Rainbow Bison turned out pretty nice. I am very proud of the time she took to do a nice job.


The other two buffalo were a combined effort.

IMG_7119Grandma’s Sunflower Buffalo. Eden painted the green and the base of the yellow on the flower and then I put in all the detail.

IMG_7122Eden made the design decision to leave the horns their natural color and to paint the hooves to match.

IMG_7126Papa wanted a Nebraska Buffalo. Eden painted him red and I did the detail for this one too.

IMG_7128His back side has Huskers painted in the traditional Huskers script.











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