MOJO: A Cycling Tour From Moore, OK to Joplin, MO

About two months ago Joseph started training to participate in the MOJO cycling tour. A bike ride to help bring families home that have been displaced in the tornadoes in Joplin, MO, Baxter Springs, KS, and Moore, OK.


Joseph only had six weeks to train when he signed up to do the ride. Before training the farthest he had ever rode was maybe 10 miles. He started slow and worked his way up.


I was a little uneasy when he started his training and still worried when I dropped him off the night before the ride that he was going to be able to do the 275 miles over three days. But I am proud to say he was able to do every mile and wasn’t really in too much pain.

10636194_870475149637480_3913363182879837891_nThe ride started in Moore, Oklahoma on Thursday morning. There were many news crews, a police escort, and the community at their start.

IMG_3437There were a total of 23 riders. Most riders were from Missouri but we had a few people that flew in for the ride; one riders from England and another from California.

IMG_3439 2

Joseph was sponsored by the United Methodist Conference. The conference was the second largest donor for MOJO and has been a major supporter in helping Joplin get back up and going over the past few years.

10699752_10100343918651422_7662356209358736797_o 1795340_857363390948656_586564693969800309_o

The ride took them through Baxter Springs, KS where they were able to meet one of the families that  raised funds would help get back into their homes. 63963_870475299637465_6568786616950728524_nJoseph and the others averaged 80 miles a day.


Each person burned about 8000 calories each day, this is Joseph’s dinner the first night.


One day the riders at lunch at a school along the way that was affected by the tornadoes. 10734181_870475312970797_1711488537480323502_n

While long, Joseph had a great time on the ride.
IMG_3445The last morning they were ready to start riding as the sun was coming up.

1529991_10100343962528492_93603289967389091_o 10687365_10100343769270782_4839830773499762619_o

They were followed along the road by the maintenance van that was able to help with flats and any other problems that might come about.


We were able to join up with Joseph at the end of the ride as the whole group and families gathered to celebrate and raise a glass to the riders.


I really like the statues that were made to commemorate their ride.

10465249_872680506083611_7506320304848380942_oTogether the riders have raised over $70,000. If you are interested in donating please visit






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