Journey of the Star

I am excited to share with you one of the things my family is doing this Advent to help us prepare our lives and hearts for the coming of our Savior.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 9.21.38 AMJourney of the Star is an Advent activity that I came up with as an alternative to Elf on the Shelf mixed with an Advent calendar.

This year from December 1st – 25th we will be taking the 3 Kings on a treasure hunt! Obviously the treasure they’re seeking is the new born King, but from Dec 1st onwards their daily hunt will be to find the star which will be hidden somewhere around our house. Hidden with the star is a daily activity to help focus our families attention to the upcoming birth of Jesus.

IMG_7631Any star decoration will work for this Advent activity. We are using a foam star from my parents church. Each evening we will be moving the star to a new place ready for our little ones to find the following morning.

For the Elf on the Shelf alternative part we are using the 3 Wisemen instead of an elf. The Wisemen will be using the star as their guide and it is going to be a long journey. They must go through many trials and tribulations as they seek the new baby.

IMG_7612We have lots of nativities but not any that really work for getting messy or that have manipulative body parts. I found these little guys on Amazon. They are a little more cartoonish then I would like but they were the only ones that I could find that I could manipulate them a little. For those that have never seen Play Mobil figures they are similar to lego people in their movability but are three times as large. They also sell a nativity that matches these guys but it was wasn’t in the budget for this year.


I love that it comes with a camel, the gifts, and a rope. I look forward to finding all kinds of ways to use these extras. All of their robes and hats are removable and exchangeable.

The first morning it took Eden awhile to find the star. It found itself perched at the top of our undecorated Christmas tree with the three wisemen working to climb to it.


Lower on the tree the kids found the following note:

Journey of the Star NoteOn day two the star and wisemen weren’t too hard to find.


IMG_7585   IMG_7583   IMG_7587

Journey of the Star

Be sure to check back next week to see the travel log for the 3 Wisemen.


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