Journey of the Star Review

The Wisemen have completed their journey and many of you have asked about their adventures. Most mornings (yah, this took a little more time and creativity than I would have liked and didn’t happen everyday as I had hoped) our kids reached the house for clues to part of the journey the Wisemen took. Here are a few of my favorite set ups from the past month.

IMG_7582   IMG_7583

Our Wisemen moved all over the house from the fire place to the bathroom to the pantry.IMG_7651 IMG_7649

Sometimes the Wiseman got distracted on their journey. The Wiseman on the camel doesn’t look too pleased with the other two.


Sometimes they were found hard at work.


I loved that this set had movable arms that could be positioned to hold scissors and other items. IMG_7675

We had fun learning through the process too; this day we learned about each of the gifts the Wisemen brought. IMG_7682

Our Wisemen even traveled with us and made use of the hotel coffee pot while we swam in the pool. We all need to relax now and then. IMG_7833

This day we were given instruction to bake something yummy and share with a friend.


This was my favorite day to prep for. I liked the different aprons and the chef hats on each Wisemen.


We made apple and chocolate chip muffins. Yum.IMG_4201-2

Some days we had fun making crafts.IMG_8167-2

“What is this white stuff falling from the sky?”, we got a map out this day and found where the Wisemen were from.

IMG_8180-2  IMG_8178

Over all we had lots of fun with our little guys but I am not sure if this is something we will repeat every year. It really took more work than I liked after putting the kids to bed each night. Next year I think we might try a program that is all prepared for you and involves the kids doing the moving and setting up called Manger on the Mantle.


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