DIY Pull String Bags

Before our last trip, I made these cute little bags to store the kid’s Kindles in. They were a quick afternoon project that a beginner could handle.

IMG_8804I went through my fabric stash and looked for coordinating colors and fun prints.

IMG_8616You could really make these whatever size you want, but I wanted them to hold a Kindle and headphones. For the main bag you are going to need:
2 rectangles cut to 10 inches by 13 inches
2 rectangles cut to 10 inches by 2 inches

IMG_8628Sew these to pieces together and then iron their seams apart. I then ironed the edge over where I planned to have the pull strings going through. Next do a short stitch down this side to keep it from unraveling. (Sorry, no picture of this step.)



Fold this area over and stitch across the top.
IMG_8618From the largest rectangle cut a 2 and 1/2 inch square from both sides of the bottom. This area is going to be used later to make the bag “stand up”.

IMG_8622Next cut out the face pieces. I made Eli a puppy with cute little floppy ears.

IMG_8624After a good pressing, I did a zig-zag stitch around all the face pieces to hold them down. At this point it would have been a good idea to go ahead and add the eyes and mouth but I waited till the end and made it much more difficult for myself.

IMG_8627Next work on any pieces that are going to be sticking out from the bag. I stitched around the little ears leaving a small space to turn them right side out and then ironed them flat. IMG_8632I then put the right sides of the bag together and stitched up the sides stopping right before I got to the opening for the pull strings. IMG_8640Did you see my mistake? Well the ears should have been tucked inside of the sides so that when it is turned the right way they can be seen on the outside of the bag. Well, my next step involved the seam ripper. IMG_8637On to the bottom of the bag. This was a lot easier than I was expecting. Stand your bag on it’s side and push the bottom up to meet the sides where you cut your square earlier. Once pinched together, stitch across the sides. Once ironed this will make a flat bottom.

IMG_8641Cut all your extra threads, turn right side out, and thread string through the pull area. I used an extra shoe string we had laying around.

IMG_8805I finished these bags off with black embroidery thread for the eyes and mouth of the dog.

IMG_8813They turned out pretty cute and were perfect for keeping the kids electronics organized. It was great when they wanted to use them to be able to pull their bag out of my backpack and it to have all of their stuff ready without me having to dig or untangle cords.








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