A New Routine

I can’t believe it has been over a month sense my last blog post. We have had a few changes to our daily routine and I am still working on getting our new routine nailed down. While the following pictures have nothing to do with a new routine, I thought they were cute and didn’t have a blog to share them in. IMG_0103

Eden no longer goes to preschool two days a week but is now home all the time. I love my daughter and I love that I get to homeschool her but I do miss my two “get things done” days. Tuesday and Thursday use to be the days for laundry, children’s church preparations, homeschool organization and prep, baking, shopping, and blogging.IMG_0119

Eli has also added to our change of routine by transitioning from two naps a day to only one. We use to get a lot of homeschool instruction done during his nap time which was so peaceful and easy. Now I have to work to keep an almost two year old busy and happy so he is somewhat quiet while I work with his sister.IMG_0115

IMG_0132Slowly I am figuring things out and things are running smoother. My favorite new part of our daily routine is running the dishwasher every night.  I have a wonderful husband that unloads it for me each morning which means I can load as things are dirty throughout the day.

I am hoping if I put it in writing for everyone to see that I will stick to a new blogging schedule. I had considered blogging only twice a month but I fear it won’t become regular and I will be more likely to miss one. So I am going to try and make Sunday evening my new blog deadline. We will see how that goes (well, seeing how it is already Monday I guess I am not getting off to a good start but an extra day camp with the family was worth it – hmm, maybe next weeks blog should be about camping.)



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