Family Camping

IMG_5925This past week our family enjoyed a 3 day camping trip along with 3 other families from church at one of our local state parks. Even though Onondaga Cave State Park is only a short 20 minute drive from our house it was a great little get away.

IMG_0360 IMG_0358 IMG_0366

We enjoyed the usual campfire favorites of hotdogs, smores, and foil hobo dinners. It is amazing how food cooked over the campfire can taste so good. I think part of it is the work that goes into it.

IMG_0437  IMG_5940-2

This year we thought Eden was old enough to learn how to safely be around the fire and try cooking a little herself. We started her with an easy meal of Ramon Noodles, canned oranges, and fresh peppers. She thought this was one of the coolest things she has done in a while and was very proud of her meal.

IMG_0411  IMG_0379

Eli was all about camping. He loved the freedom of being outside and thought drinking from the camping mugs was so much fun. Eli got new responsibilities too and was taught how to wash dishes which turns out he is pretty good at doing.

Nature Scavenger HuntOur camp site was located right next to the parks playground which occupied the kids most of the time. I had thought that they would have gotten bored at some point and ahead of time made up this camping scavenger hunt. The first day Eden was really excited about looking for each of the items but as soon as the other kids got there they were off, busy, and happy. So I guess I will save this and pull it out to do it while on a hike. You can print a copy of this Nature Scavenger Hunt to use on your next outdoor adventure.

I also found these cute little foldable nature booklet that Eden really enjoyed making. Check out Fablious Fleece’s blog and print a copy for yourself here.


IMG_5909  IMG_5906  IMG_5917

Onondaga Cave State Park is know for its caves. Instead of a traditional hike we enjoyed a hike through the underground maze and learned about the caves history. (side note – we are learning about caves right now so this was a great little field trip too.

We camped from Friday night till Monday. On Sunday we got up early and Joseph lead a worship service at the camp ground for everyone in the group.

IMG_0501  IMG_0497

Can’t wait for our next camping adventure. Now to finish putting all the camping gear away….


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