Busy Wallets

Schools out (even for us homeschoolers) and I know many of you will be traveling with kids this summer. Here is an easy to make busy activity to help keep the kids busy while traveling. These busy wallets are old wallets that I filled with as many wallet type items I could find or make.


I made several different types of cards each with an area to personalize. After the kids names and information were added I lamented them to make them more durable. You can print your copy of these Wallet Cards and personalize too.

Wallet Cards page 2   Wallet Cards page 1

I also added a couple recipes, a shopping list, pretend money, and a couple old gift cards.


In Eden’s wallet I used real money. This was a great way for practicing money values and counting money. I also let her use her money to buy candy and such along the drive.

IMG_6295Eli mainly enjoyed taking the cards in and out of the wallet and looking in all of the hidden pockets. I used a man’s wallet for Eli but he preferred the one I used for Eden as it has a zipper which was great practice for opening and closing. We also used the different cards to practiced his color words.

Hoping happy travels and busy kids for everyone.




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